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B. Voc.

After completing Standard XII, students have the option of higher studies that go beyond the conventional arts, commerce and science courses. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has set the ball rolling for the introduction of a three-year bachelor of vocation (B. Voc) degree course at recognized colleges and universities across the country. With a focus on raising employability of graduates and meeting the industry's requirement for ready-to-work students, this course seeks to provide skill and specialization in different vocations. It will have a multiple-exit provision - a diploma at the end of the first year and an advanced diploma after two years.. It organizes qualifications based on levels of knowledge, skill and aptitude. . This would enable the graduates completing B. Voc. to make a meaningful participation in accelerating India's economy by gaining appropriate employment, becoming entrepreneurs and creating appropriate knowledge .

ASBASJSM College is one of the pioneering colleges to start the B Voc programme from this session 2014-15 in two streams

1. Food Processing

2. Retail Management and IT

Advantages of B. Voc.
* Industry-specific skills to enhance employability
* Occupational skills to enable entrepreneurial initiatives
* Vertical mobility for students clearing 10+2 with vocational subjects
* Multiple exits like diploma and advanced diploma
* Curriculum focus on work-readiness skill

* Industry involvement in development of need-based curriculum

ligibility for admission in B.Voc. The eligibility condition for admission to B.Voc. programme is 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream.


The curriculum in each of the years of the programme is a suitable mix of General Education and skill development components.

Levels of Awards

The certification levels will lead to Diploma/Advanced Diploma/B. Voc.

Degree in (1) Food Processing (2) Retail Management and IT



Exit Award

Year 3

Six Semesters

B.Voc. degree

Year 2

Four semesters

Advanced Diploma

Year 1

Two semesters


Job Prospects After completing the degree of B Voc the students would have a hands-on experience of working in the industry and with that background they would be easily absorbed in the industry.

B. Voc.


Food processing is a branch of food science and is having methods, Procedures and techniques which are used to transform raw ingredients into food for the consumption of humans .Processing of food leads to

Ø preservation of food

Ø enhances flavour

Ø reduces the toxins in the food

The modern food processing techniques have led to the feasibility of the development of the present day supermarkets. The rising consumerism in the societies of developed and developing countries has contributed to the growth of food processing industries with techniques such as spray drying, juice concentrates, freeze drying and the introduction of artificial sweeteners, colorants and preservatives.Pproducts such as dried instant soups, reconstituted fruits and juices, and self- cooking meals have been developed for the convenience of middle class families and mothers and especially for the working women

At present in India, Food Processing Industry has been gaining momentum as the consumer's food industry. As per the report there are about 300 million upper and middle class consumers of processed and packaged food in the country, and another 200 million were likely to be added. 500 food parks are planned all over the country. This will further boost the growth and development of food processing industries and will generate huge employment opportunities for those who have an aptitude towards this work. The food is processed, preserved, packaged and stored according to the specifications by industry and government. The food processing industry is coming of age it is ranked fifth among industries of India.

The Food Corporation of India, which handles the purchase, storage, transport and distribution of food grains and other food items, provide employment to large number of people. Private enterprises market bread, fruit juices, edible oils and soft drink concentrates.

Food processing companies and food research laboratories, Food wholesalers, Hospitals, Catering establishments, Retailers, Restaurants provide job opportunities to. Other jobs in this industry include Bakeries, Meat, Poultry, Trimmers, and Fish Cutters, Slaughterers and Meat packers, Food batch makers, Food cooking machine operators and tenders, Food and tobacco roasting, baking and drying machine operators and tenders.

Self-Employment Opportunities in Food Processing

Self-employment opportunities also exist in the form of dynamic delivery networks for those who want to work on their own. Food technologists, technicians, biotechnologists and engineers are required in this industry for manufacturing or production, preservation and packaging, processing and canning of various food products. All this needs preparation of raw materials for processing which involves selection, or cleaning of the raw material, followed by the actual processing, which could be chopping, blanching, crushing, mixing or even cooking of the food item, the addition of preservatives and the final packaging maintaining hygiene and maintaining quality of products.

Thanks to Dr. P.Uma Devi and Dr. S.Murugan


Job Prospects in Retail Management & IT

In the Information, Communication & Entertainment (ICE) age shopping has become a hobby for the new generation. The whole concept of shopping has altered with time, in terms of format and consumer buying behaviour. Thanks to rapid urbanization and sprawling shopping malls, Multi formats of retail stores and huge complexes that have emerged at an ever increasing speed in every upcoming city, retailing has grown into one of the largest sectors in the global economy.

Retail Industry, one of the fastest changing and vibrant industries in the world, has contributed to the economic growth of many countries. The term 'retail' is derived from the French word retailer which means 'to cut a piece off' or 'to break bulk'. Retailing is a vital part of the business industry that involves selling products and services to consumers for their individual or family use. Retailing can also be defined as the timely delivery of goods demanded by consumers at an affordable and competitive price. It is a vertical and people-oriented business industry. Retail business in India boomed in the 80's and within a short span of time, Indian retail sector has been rated as the fifth most attractive, emerging retail market in the world. Indian retail sector which account for over 10 percent of the country's GDP (gross domestic product) and around eight percent of employment, is expected to grow at a compound rate of 30 per cent over the next five years.

Retailing process involves a direct interface with the customer and the coordination of business activities from the design stage of a product to its delivery and post-delivery service. Generally, retail business can be classified into several types depending on their size, shape, product lines, amount of service they offer and prices they charge etc. Some among them are specialty stores, supermarket/ malls, factory outlets, franchises, chain stores, discount stores, lifestyle & personal products, furnishing household appliances & groceries stores etc.

With the tremendous growth of economy, retail management has emerged as one of the fastest growing careers in India. The enormous expansion in the retail sector during the past few years has thrown up a big demand for skilled professionals in the field. It is an industry looking for people at all levels, from the school pass out with basic skills, to the well qualified supply chain and retail management professionals. One can take up a job depending on one's interest and aptitude, since retail industry is an array of activities starting from marketing to branding. This makes retail profession one of the most demanding careers of the era.

The working time and atmosphere all depends upon the company one works for. One could start his career as a management trainee, and with hard work and right attitude, could reach the manager posts of different departments. Advertising agencies, Airlines, insurance companies, banks etc are some other areas where one can find jobs, apart from retail shops. One can even start one's own business and be an entrepreneur.

Job prospects in Retail Sector are:

  • Customer Sales Associate: It is the entry-level post of retail business. But as every retail shop is completely dependent upon the sales they get, this is one of the important posts in this profession. To be a good sales person, one should have good knowledge about the products, the shop, the customers etc.
  • Department Manager / Floor Manager/ Category Manager - These are some of the posts one could handle in the store.
  • Store Manager: Store managers sometimes called General Manager or Store Director, are responsible for managing an individual store and its day-to-day functioning. The store manager is in charge of the employees of the store and he himself may report to a District or Area manager or the store's owner.
  • Retail Operation Manager: It is the duty of a retail manager to plan and coordinate the operations of the outlet. This involves the layout of merchandise, monitoring the retail orders and stock, analysing the supply etc.
  • Retail Buyers and Merchandisers: They are the persons who select and buy the goods for the retail shop. They should understand the needs of the customer, should be aware of the trends in the market, and should possess great enthusiasm and energy.
  • Visual Merchandisers: These people give the brand a face, so they hold one of the very important positions in the industry. Being a part of concept and design one could also be a technical designer, product developer and store planner.
  • Manager Back-end Operations
  • Logistics and Warehouse Managers
  • Retail Communication Manager
  • Manager Private label Brands
  • Retail Marketing Executives:

Trained and talented retail management professionals are always in great demand not only in India but abroad also. Big brands have opened retail chains throughout the cities & rural areas that offers huge job openings. A professional with excellent communication skills and a flair for convincing people can be recruited as store managers, customer care executives, merchandise officers, public relations executive and so on, in a multinational company.

Thanks to Dr. Satya Prakash Pandey for providing information.